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New Features in SharePoint 2013 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 15 April 2015 14:03

New Features in SharePoint 2013

By: Bernard Mott, LANtec Technical Instructor

SharePoint is all about collaboration: the ability to share ideas, engage with people, work together on projects, and organize information in your business. It maintains security, manages costs, and provides standards for connectivity and design.

Is it Facebook?

The new SharePoint Social feature is not Facebook, or Twitter. Some of the concepts of these social networking sites can be found in SharePoint, but geared towards an Enterprise-type environment. SharePoint Social includes the My Site feature from SP2010, but it has been revamped.


My Site is a personal SharePoint site for every user. Personal documents and drafts can be stored and the user has the ability to share their My Site with other users. My Sites also have access to OneDrive, a single, personal library, accessible from anywhere. Users can sync SP libraries with OneDrive, allowing access to documents even when not connected to the network. You can use the new Share command to quickly share documents or sites. You can invite people to share specific documents and control what they can do with them (read, write, and so on).


Microblogging and Newsfeed features allow you to create conversations and join running discussions with your co-workers. They allow you to use hashtags, follow people or items, and “Like” them, too.


Community sites

In SharePoint Server 2010, discussion boards enabled members of a site to share information and discuss topics with other members. SharePoint Server 2013 expands on the discussion concept by introducing Community Sites. Community Sites offer several benefits over email, instant messaging, or other communication methods, including:

  • The availability of all Community Site content to all members of the community.
  • Full retention of discussion history in compliance with corporate governance guidelines.
  • Built-in search, which enables members to search all content in the community.
  • Ratings, which enable members to vote on individual posts and replies. Ratings contribute to the reputation of community members.
  • An achievement system that rewards members for participation in the community.
  • Categorization of content to improve discoverability and simplify maintenance.
  • Site maintenance via SharePoint lists, which provide a familiar interface and enable you to take advantage of the rich governance, records management, and workflow integration features of SharePoint.



 Apps for SharePoint

SharePoint Server 2013 includes support for the development, installation, management, and use of apps. An app is a small-scale, stand-alone application that solves a specific end-user need or performs a specific task. Apps are similar to Web Parts from SP2010. End users can discover and download apps from the SharePoint Store, or from their organization's App Catalog. Similar to the ITunes store, apps can be purchased (some are free) and installed on the site without knowing any programming languages.

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Business intelligence

SharePoint Server 2013 offers enhanced business intelligence capabilities, including a new Business Intelligence Center site, enhancements in Excel Services and PerformancePoint Services, and support for viewing business intelligence content on mobile devices such as Apple iPad and Windows 8 tablets.

In Microsoft Excel 2013, you can connect to external data using a variety of connections, including OData providers. Excel Services, as well as the other Office Web App Services, will render the spreadsheet in a browser window, even though Microsoft Office is not installed on the local computer. This enables you to create reports, scorecards, and dashboards that can be refreshed to display the most up-to-date information on any platform that supports a web browser.

New data navigation features, such as Quick Explore, make it easier to drill into data displayed in Excel Services reports and dashboards. Select a value, and then use Quick Explore to see the next level of detail that you want to see in the report. Slicers and Timeline controls render in a browser window much like they do in the Excel client. The ability to open and use the Fields list for a PivotTable report or PivotChart report enables you to add, change, or remove items from a view. You can focus on the information that you want to see without having to open the Excel client.

 27 1


The eDiscovery Center site template creates a portal through which you can access cases involving eDiscovery (electronic discovery) requests. You can place content on hold (during litigation or investigations, for example), conduct queries, and export content. Your administrator can create an eDiscovery Center site collection and grant permission to users who can create or work on their own eDiscovery Case sites. Each case is a collaboration site that includes a document library you can use to store documents related to the management of the case. Content that is placed on hold is preserved, but users can still continue to work on it. The state of the content at the time of preservation is recorded. If a user modifies the content or even deletes it, the original, preserved version is still available. Exchange Mailboxes can be included in the content.


There are a host of other new features that are available in SharePoint 2013. More information can be found on Microsoft’s website. You can also contact your Lantec Account Executive for details, including the upcoming class schedule.

Last Updated on Thursday, 16 April 2015 08:44
LANtec Lagniappe PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 08 April 2015 12:27

LANtec Lagniappe

Get to know all about our Employee of the Month, CHERYL WILLIAMS!Cheryl

What do you enjoy MOST about your job at LANtec?

The people, both coworkers and students alike. I always tell my students the longer they stay, the more fun my day is.

What is the most meaningful compliment a student ever gave you?

I made excel fun J

If cash were no object, describe everything about your dream car.

A hot air balloon J Or if it has to be a car, the flying car at the end of Grease. A maroon Greased Lightning heavily modified (Plexiglas hood, giant tail fins, chopped front fenders) 1948 Ford Convertible & air conditioned.

Favorite local restaurant? What do you order?

Sushi Masa: the all you can eat sushi so I get a variety.

Favorite place you have visited, why?

Atlantis resort in the Bahamas. A perfect getaway, with plush comfortable beds, fabulous food, a gorgeous beach, plenty of drinks, and dolphins to play with.

Most enjoyable hobby?


Choose: Skydiving, Scuba Diving, Mountain Biking or Couch Surfing?

Scuba Diving.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 08 April 2015 12:30
Windows PowerShell: Make Your Life Easier! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Bernard Mott, LANtec Technical Instructor   
Wednesday, 04 March 2015 08:48

PowerShell. Yuck.powershell

Nobody uses that. Why should I learn PowerShell?

PowerShell is the future. Microsoft is gradually removing resource-intensive GUI interfaces from its server products and replacing them with sleek, efficient PowerShell commands. The commands, known as cmdlets (command-lets) allow admins the ability to create customized scripts to perform complex tasks on the network. Tasks that used to be part of consoles have now been moved to PowerShell cmdlets. In some cases, PowerShell is the only way to perform a task. Want to know how much mail is in each user’s mailbox? That’s not part of the GUI tool anymore. Try “Get-MailBoxFolderStatistics” in the PowerShell window.

PowerShell also allows you to run repetitive commands quickly. Try to create 100 new users in Active Directory Users and Computers. At about 30 seconds per user, it will take an hour to complete your task. A PowerShell script could do the same thing in 15 minutes. Oh, don’t know the command? Add 5 minutes to “Google” the syntax and test it.

PowerShell has many other features. It has built-in error detection, showing you exactly where your error occurred. It’s also self-documenting: save the script, or turn on logging in the editor window. Everything you learn applies to other cmdlets. The syntax of one command is consistent with other commands.

The most powerful feature is “Pipelining”. Want to know what that is? LANtec's Powershell class is available coming up March 16 - 20 AND June 15 - 19 in BOTH our Lafayette and Baton Rouge locations. Call your account executive to get enrolled today!

Last Updated on Wednesday, 04 March 2015 09:46
The Generational Gap in the Workplace PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 24 February 2015 11:49

The Generational Gap in the Workplace

By: Mechelle Roberthon, LANtec Professional Development Instructor

The workforce has become very diverse and includes people who were born anywhere from 1930 - 1999. WOW! That’s a BIG age gap. How do you retain them, keep them motivated and recruit them? First, we must understand a few things: BLOG

The different generations:

  • The Silent generation (born 1930-1945)
  • The Baby Boomers (1946-1966)
  • Generation Xers (1965-1976)
  • Generation Y (1977-1985)
  • The Millennials (born 1986 and later)

What we ALL want:

  • Respect
  • Trust
  • No one really likes change, but we can all be better prepared for it
  • Retaining older workers is the same as retaining younger workers; you simply have to do the right things and make your workplace valuable
  • Across generations, we know that everyone wants to learn and to be valued
  • Almost everyone is open to coaching – it doesn’t vary according to generation, it varies according to personal preference


When recruiting across generations remember this:

Silents and Boomers will appreciate job ads that outline:

  • Value of their experience and expertise
  • A detailed job description
  • Traditional recruiting methods like classified ads, outplacement firms or recruiting companies

Generation Xers, Ys & Millennials will appreciate:

  • Short, snappy writing
  • Emphasis on fast-paced, individual contributions, work-life balance and opportunities for growth
  • Technological recruiting methods like Internet job boards, company websites and networking

Keeping in mind generation gaps and the wants/needs of each, recruiting and retaining them should be a breeze!

Sound off in the comments, what is your generation (no judgment!) and what motivates you in the workplace?

Last Updated on Wednesday, 25 February 2015 11:15

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