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Louisiana Launches the first Official IT Apprenticeship Program!

Tech careers are one of the fastest growing areas of the economy and long term career prospects are excellent.  LANTEC's accelerated IT skills training and certification programs puts you on a fast track to work that is interesting, challenging and makes a difference.

Apprenti provides you a path and a plan to a career in technology.

Your future in tech starts now. 


Why Apprenti?

1 in 20 current job openings are in tech.  

These high-paying jobs are in high demand and waiting for you.  The tech industry is seeking to diversify its workforce, so Apprenti is actively recruiting women, minorities, and veterans, although anyone is eligible to apply. 

Every day our hiring partners are on the hunt for talent like you who have a knack for tech and are willing to work hard to succeed.

Apprenti is an apprenticeship program that offers you a path and plan to a career in the tech industry.  It is the ONLY program registered with the US Department of Labor and the Louisiana Workforce Commission designed to meet the technology industry's specific workforce needs.  

All interested candidates must qualify via the assessment tool.